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Founded in 2016 we offer the best support to work on your metering, custody transfer, telecommunications and SCADA systems.

We will provide the best support in Africa and Middle East to propose the best consulting services and the best training services as well.

We are an innovative company working on consulting in the Oil, Gas, Electricity and Telecommunication fields.

Our business seeks to generate a significant increase in our clients' sales and profits. We provide specialized market research and market-entry strategy development.  Our commitment is to help clients make profitable and well-informed decisions about their market, alliances and new business development.  

We are your partner to define, design and conceptualise your custody transfer and metering skid.

We are able to assist you with a metrological dossier to obtain the appropriate certificate for your metering skid.

We are your partner to offer:

  • Oil and Gas calibration service in accordance with the 17020

  • Third-party, audit service and survey for the Oil, Gas, Electricity and Telecommunications Industries

  • Certified uncertainty calculation and validation

  • Oil and Gas Maintenance field service

  • Oil and Gas Engineering, Design and project management

  • General Oil and Gas Metering Training Course

  • Energy Consultancy Services

  • Energy Trading

H2ASERVICES has a diverse portfolio of customers in the oil, gas and electricity industry. Private clients, public companies and government agencies worldwide select H2ASERVICES as their partner in the most challenging and complex projects.


Although each client has unique needs and goals, they return to H2ASERVICES because of our reputation for reliability. Our experience includes assignments in the following oil, gas and telecommunications consulting services in the Middle East and Africa, including; Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania.

We are proud of the fact that many of our clients come back to H2ASERVICES or have been referred to us by satisfied clients. We have a proven reputation for on time delivery within budget. With several hundred successful oil, gas and telecommunication projects. We have the experience, resources, and credentials to meet the most demanding requirements for services to the oil, gas and telecommunications industries. 

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