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Welcome to H2ASERVICES Ltd, where we recognize the importance of precise measurements in the oil and gas industry. Inaccurate readings pose significant financial risks, from exploration to production and distribution phases. Our Inspection and Audit of Gas and Liquid Station services guarantee the highest level of accuracy, effectively reducing uncertainties in measurements. 

From onshore and offshore production facilities to distribution pipeline systems, storage facilities, tankers, refineries, and terminals, precise dynamic measurement systems are essential for optimal accuracy.

Our experts collaborate closely with your facilities and management personnel to provide thorough inspection, audit, and training services that meet the most exacting standards like ISO, API, NORSOK, etc...

We assist in certifying the accuracy of meters and auditing instrumentation.

With years of industry experience, our experts possess comprehensive knowledge of all types of gas and liquid station inspections and audits. Leveraging our global network, we offer specialized services tailored to a wide range of hydrocarbon products.

Contact us today to explore how H2ASERVICES' Inspection, Audit and Training of Gas and Liquid Station services can fortify and advance your business operations.


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