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Marcher sous Conduites de gaz

Who We Are ?

Our journey started in 2016, and we incorporated our company in 2021 in the United Kingdom.

We believe that Oil and gas companies face significant financial risks and challenges due to inaccurate measurement, whether during exploration, production, or distribution. These inaccuracies can result in substantial financial losses.
Dynamic measurement systems instrumentation ensures the highest achievable accuracy in various oil and gas operations stages, including production facilities, distribution pipelines, storage facilities, tankers, refineries, terminals, and inland distribution systems.

H2ASERVICES Ltd. experts collaborate with your management personnel to make an audit, third-party inspection, and design for new measurement equipment. Our Inspector also supports and assists you with the local process in Africa regarding the approval with the local design agency to obtain the appropriate certificate for your equipment. ​​

Les travailleurs de l'usine à gaz



To support our clients in better

Metering Performances

Our Mission is to become our clients' agile partner and trusted advisor on managing the complexities of the metering skid and support them with the best in the inspection field.



 Improve the Services for the Oil and Gas Metering solutions.

Our commitment is to help clients make profitable and well-informed decisions about their installation, exploitation, and metering system in alliance with the best market and Standards practices.



Integrity, Impartiality.

As a third-party company, we are honest, trustworthy, and respectful and will deliver our report in alignment with our findings with the conventional norms and standards

Les travailleurs de l'usine à gaz
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