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Analysis Equipements

H2ASERVICES Ltd is a validated distributor of APIX Analytics and proposes a solution for Analysis in the Petrochemical and Oil and Gas Fields.

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Turbine Flow Meter Equipements

H2ASERVICES Ltd is a validated distributor of Tancy, a constructor of turbine flow meters, for Gas metering applications.


Certified ISO 17020 

H2ASERVICES Ltd company is an inspection body type A. The scope of the inspection concerns: 

  • The Design for Measuring systems (New products or systems already in service inspection) 

Examples include evaluating the conformity of gas/liquids metering skid design, Validation of Gas Analysis Systems design, validation of metering systems uncertainty level, Validation of calculation software in the liquid/gas metering field, etc.  

  • Manufacturing of measuring systems,  

  • On-site functional measuring systems, 

Examples: Inspection and validation of FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Site Acceptance Test); verification and Validation of calibration procedures; calibration reports; on-site survey in liquid/gas metering field; conformity evaluation of measuring systems manufacturing according to international recommendations and standards; etc.  

H2ASERVICES Ltd is a company performing with a high degree of expertise at two levels: 

  • Technical scope: Technical mastery in engineering (technologies of flow meters, hygrometers, calculators, pressure & temperature transmitters, etc.) calculations and studies according to international guides and standards: ISO5167; ISO/TR 12765; ISO6976; ISO18453; ISO/IEC Guide 98-1 GUM; etc. 

  • Legal metrology and Regulatory scope:  Mastery of European and international Regulatory: European directives (MID 2014/32/EU; ATEX 2014/34/EU; etc.); international recommendations of legal metrology (OIML R117-1; OILM R140; OIMLR137 1&2; etc.)  

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